COVID-19 Update

Red Cedar & Sage is now a proud partner of KSA Events

KSA Events is proud to announce  partnership with Red Cedar & Sage Restaurant. We have teams from all over the Nation and we love to be able to partner with businesses from all over as well. Red Cedar and Sage is locates right in the middle of the historic Pike Place Public Market of Downtown Seattle. LOCATED IN THE HEART OF THE PIKE PLACE MARKET, YOU’LL INDULGE YOUR PALATE WHILE EXPERIENCING THE BEST OF SEATTLE FROM OUR SUN FILLED ATRIUM. Call and day KSA Events sent you!


2016 KSA Events Basketball Shirt Design

Our shirt design is in for our upcoming December Basketball Tournaments. They will be available for pre order starting November 1st for a discounted price and also available on-site at the tournaments.


KSA Events and NeuroSpine Institute in a proud new partnership!

KSA Events & NeuroSpine Institute are thrilled to announce a new partnership! Incredible people with amazing results to get you back competing in as little time as possible. Dr Robert Masson and NeuroSpine institute is internationally recognized specializing in spinal injury and sports spine medicine and has preformed over 10000 neurosurgical procedures.