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KSA Events (Kaylee Scholarship Association), the nation’s premier host of High School sporting events, is proud to host the KSA Events National Tournaments in Anaheim, California, Orlando, Florida, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Las Vega, Nevada Denver, Colorado, New York, NY and Washington DC. As with all KSA Events competitions, participating teams come nationwide from Alaska to Florida and from Massachusetts to California, providing a true national competition format that brings together teams who would otherwise never meet on the field.

KSA Events sporting events are also unique because they are competed at the finest professional and amateur athletic venues in the country, located in great destination cities that allow teams to experience the thrill and bonding of team travel that is a true once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for student-athletes.

Although KSA Events bring together some of the most elite teams in the country, KSA Events accepts teams of all skill levels, giving equal opportunity to all student-athletes. In competition, great effort is taken to seed teams into a bracket that will provide an appropriate level of competition that is both fair and challenging to all.