COVID-19 Update



Along with the rest of the world, KSA Events has been closely monitoring the ever changing COVID-19 situation.

This has, without a doubt, brought so much uncertainty and disruption to all our communities and while the situation around the virus remains fluid, our goal is to meet or exceed all policies as quickly as possible.

Out of an abundance of caution and to do their part in assisting with the preventative efforts our Vendors have all announced that they will be temporarily closing. As a result, KSA Events has decided to do their part as well. We have required that all our employees work remotely and are adjusting our business days/hours daily. For nearly 30 years, we have centered our business around the wellbeing of our Employees and Clients. We want to ensure that we are allowing our Employees the necessary time and ability to prepare their homes and care for their families as well.

Thank you in advance for your patience. As you can imagine, we are experiencing high call volumes and an abundance of emails. While we are working diligently to provide a high level of service and we assure you that we will get back to everyone, please expect delays.

COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding Future Travel:

My trip is in the fall, will my event be cancelled?

While we understand this may have raised concerns with your future travel plans, we assure you that we are not expecting the current COVID-19 situation to alter our Fall Events. Our hope is that by that time, this virus is no longer a threat to anyone. Our current plan is to closely monitor the situation and run these Events on schedule. In the very unlikely situation that we are unable to run the Events, we will work hand in hand with everyone on the steps to follow. We will keep you abreast of any important changes or pertinent information as it becomes available. 


Our school was planning to fundraise for our upcoming trip in the fall.  Can we update our payment plan to include smaller and/or later payments?

Yes. We understand that these uncertain times have caused a lot of disruption in plans. We will happily work with you in order to update your payment dates and amounts, if needed.  


I have set up an account to travel in the fall / winter, and my account is on autopay.  Can I change my payment preference or payment dates?

Yes. Simply reach out to your Account Manager, call our office at 800-813-7193 or email to update your payment preferences. 


Are you accepting new reservations for the fall and winter sports seasons?

YES! We are not expecting the current COVID-19 situation to alter our future Events. We are still accepting new reservations for teams and Fans.  


I want to register for a future event however I am not sure if I will be able to travel. Should I just wait to register?

We don’t recommend waiting to register as our reservations are taken on a first come first served basis. We would not want you to miss out on an event because we no longer have availability of components. If you are unsure if you will be able to travel or uneasy about how the current health conditions will impact your travel, we suggest you add our Refund Guarantee Protection (RGP) to your reservation. You can read more about what RGP is on our website. 


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Spring Travel:


Are you planning to offer any additional tournaments or training in the Spring if our team would like to reschedule and travel later in the season?

We are currently working on some new Spring Events later in the season to include national competition, training and clinics.


We don’t have room in our schedule to play additional sanctioned games this season, can we travel at the end of the season and not play any games?

Yes, along with some new Spring Training Events, we are also currently creating some end of the season programs to include visits to the Theme Parks, Team Dinners, and other options to provide an opportunity for teams that could not travel earlier in the season to still enjoy team travel this year.


Due to the current travel situation, have you updated your cancellation policies?

The situation surrounding COVID-19 is ever changing and has caused disruption in our communities. While we are trying to be as flexible as possible we still have to adhere to our obligations to our Vendors and Clients. 

We are reviewing each Team’s situation individually and remain committed to providing the best possible solution for all parties involved.  


Can I apply money from our Spring teams that could not travel to our teams that are traveling in the Fall or Winter?

Yes.  If your Spring Team was unable to travel, and another team from your school is traveling to one of our Fall or Winter tournaments, you may apply the monies paid to another team.  If your school does not have a team participating in one of our upcoming tournaments this year, the money received this year can be applied toward your trip next Spring.


If my team is rescheduled for next season, will the seniors that have made payments this year who cannot travel next year be refunded?

If RGP was accepted at the time of registration, they can be refunded for the land portion minus the cost of the RGP. If no RGP was accepted when registering, the School/Booster Club can refund them directly and any new Athletes traveling next year can reimburse the School/Booster Club. 


I have Refund Guarantee Protection and cancelled my Spring Training Trip, when will I receive my refund?

While we are working diligently to process each cancellation, please remember the safety of our Guests and Staff Members remain our top priority.  As we initiate programs to allow our employees to work from home and allow them time to adjust their personal schedules to take care of their loved ones, we do expect some delays in processing refunds. We assure you that everyone who has chosen to utilize their Refund Guarantee Protection will receive their refunds however at this time, given the circumstances, we are unable to provide a timeline as to when. 


Why can’t I get a full cash refund?


Planning athletic events and group travel requires a significant amount of upfront planning and financial investment to secure the best experiences for our groups at the best price and that’s why we collect money far in advance.  We realize that travel was not always possible for some teams however the majority of our events still took place. We contract with our Vendors on an event basis therefore still have to uphold our end of contracts and incurred costs. 

To help guests who could not join the scheduled Spring Training events in March, we are working with our vendors to set up a variety of options to ensure all of the athletes who were planning to travel in the Spring receive an incredible experience.  We are currently working on some new Spring Events later in the season to include national competition, training and clinics. We are also working with each group individually to assist in rescheduling their school for another trip in the Fall or Winter at one of our many other events or tournaments.

We understand that each team has different circumstances, and we are working hard to reach the best solution for any teams that have been affected by the current situation.


How do I contact customer support for information regarding our trip?

As you can imagine, call volumes during this time have increased.  We are committed to assisting each one of our guests as quickly as possible.  Our phone lines remain to be answered at 1-800-813-7193, although during certain times of the day you may experience longer than normal wait times.  You can also reach us via email at, or visit our website at and chat directly with a KSA Events Representative online.


We sincerely wish you the best during these uncertain times.  Once this crisis passes High School sports teams from around the Country will be eager to gather, compete, train and celebrate.  All of us at KSA Events will be ready to make this happen! We will be updating this page periodically and from our family to yours, stay safe!