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KSA Events is a youth events company that has been coordinating travel packages in conjunction with performances for more than 25 years. KSA looks to provide a different type of travel experience as it relates to Cheer and Dance education performance trips. Regardless of the destination and type of performance, KSA will incorporate local culture and educational opportunities with the trip package to provide the complete experience. Your Cheer and Dance group can perform center stage all over the country; Washington DC, Orlando, southern California, Virginia, Las Vegas, and so many more locations.


KSA Events is proud to partner with some of the most prestigious adjudicated and performance based destinations in the nation. Whether you are looking for a competitive performance atmosphere or a group bonding experience, we are able to customize the exact experience you are trying to achieve. Some of the trips and itinerary we provide are included below.
Boston: New England culture mixed with the spirit of the Boston Pops
Chicago: Light up the Magnificent Mile and embrace the jazz, soul, and blues heritage
Nashville: Literally the birthplace of vibrant music and host to an entertainment scene covering a wide variety of musical genres.
Orlando: Perform at the most Magical Place on Earth!
Anaheim: Hit up the West Coast for sites, sounds, and attractions that are of the “SoCal” feel.
Destination options are endless. You tell us where you want to go and we will create the itinerary.


As exciting as travel performances can be, KSA Events was founded as a non-profit with the assistance of school administrators to promote the educational aspects of participation in the performing arts. Therefore, the following key learning points are promoted through KSA Events participation.

Commitment – to KSA participation & fundraising
Goal-Setting – to develop and execute a plan
Teamwork – to accomplish said goals as a group
Bonding – during off-season trip prep and the performance itself
Team Travel – first and only of its kind for many performers
Participation at world-class facilities
Continuing Education – through KSA Events awarded scholarships

In total, KSA Events truly offers an opportunity for your performers to grow as individuals. Whether you are looking to reward your program for years of hard work or to bring excitement to a rebuilding program, KSA hosted performances offer a unique educational opportunity for youth performers.


Receive personalized instruction from some of the best choreographers in the world. Attend this 90-minute workshop to perfect the dance/performance style of your choice. Gain the knowledge and experience as you rehearse and perform a Disney number. Learn by the standards set forth by the NCAS.


Travel with your school’s sport team to provide them a “home game” atmosphere as they compete against in the destination city. Hit the field for halftime or cheer against the buzzer while you show your support for your team!


KSA Events can make taking your team on the road easy. Once Registered, you’ll have a KSA Events Representative to make all your arrangements of you.  Here are some of the ways we can make next year’s trip the easiest trip you’ve ever planned for your team.


We realize you only have so many performances in your high school career.  Our goal is to organize your entire itinerary around your daily routine.  Practices, meetings, workshops, and performances are all seamlessly scheduled for your ensemble.  Partnering with a vast network of hotels, restaurants, attractions, and other venues, we work to plan every facet of your trip.


We work directly with the airlines to plan every aspect of your trip.  PLUS we are constantly researching rates, so even when you agree to a flight, we will continue to shop until you have the most cost effective flight! We will find you the cheapest flight!


KSA Events Representatives will be with you on-site for your scheduled activities, at the performance/workshop, and at the hotel to assist with all of your needs


This program, unique to KSA Events, allows parents and family members to travel with the group but make their reservations and payments directly to KSA Events, not through you.  You never have to deal with Tag-Along questions AND your group earns credits for their participation.


Your transportation is all included in the package.  This includes airport transfers to/from the resort and transportation to events and attractions.  Getting around could not be easier!


KSA Events packages offer groups the opportunity to earn free trips for Directors, Chaperones, and other Administrative staff.  The Director will receive one complimentary land package.  Your group will also receive a pro-rated credit for every 20 paying passengers, which includes chaperones, fans and family members!


Do you have parents and chaperones that would like to travel on the trip?  We can work directly with them directly so you can just focus on your team.  We can customize flights or hotel adjustments but you will still earn credits for them traveling with the team!  But you will not have to do any of the work!


We offer manageable installment payment plans to accompany your fundraising dates. We also have online registration capabilities which allows parents to pay directly on behalf of their child.  This option also allows parents to monitor their child’s account, yet we can still apply fundraising monies to each account.  You have Administrative access to keep account of the entire group.


Packages can include meals, resort accommodations, local attraction admission, transportation, registration fees, and other amenities.


The primary mission of KSA Events is to promote the educational aspects of group participation, including team-work, responsibility, and work ethic, to name a few. Furthermore, our goal is to foster an environment where classroom learning is valued and rewarded just as much as music/performance ensembles on stage, creating a truly balanced education. To accomplish this goal, KSA awards two separate scholarships as described below.
The Book Scholarship is given to one graduating student chosen by the Director. This student will receive a $250.00 scholarship to be applied towards his/her continuing education. This recipient is also able to enter an essay scholarship, in which the student submits an essay to the KSA Events Scholarship Board. The selected candidate will receive an additional scholarship to be applied towards their continuing education



KSA Events is proud to offer our Tag-Along Fan program, which allows the family and friends of participating athletes to travel with the team.

This means that you will contact us directly to sign up, make payments, and receive information, freeing your coach to concentrate on the team and the season, not your travel arrangements.

Benefits exclusive to Tag-Along Fans include the following, just to name a few:

  • Travel with your group and take part in all of the same fun activities they do
  • Receive the same great pricing discount offered to student groups
  • Have all of the detail work taken care of for you by our travel staff
  • Attend KSA Events sponsored functions such as Private Parties, Private Performances, meals, and activities that are specific to your performance group and Tag-Along Fans (anyone who makes their own travel arrangements can not participate in these events)






The COACHES CORNER section of our site is designed to make the planning and performance process easy for Directors from start to finish, so you can concentrate on the upcoming season.

If you are new to the site, Sign Up Here to begin the process or if you have already begun the process or have login credentials from a previous event, you may Login Here and complete your teams registration.

You begin the Sign Up process by completing the Information Request Form. This form will provide KSA Events with all the information that we need to prepare a proposal customized for you. Once your proposal is ready, you will receive an email notification from which you may Login to the KSA Events website and complete the registration process for your team.

Please call or email us at if you have any questions.






At least 90% of our schools that travel with KSA Events fundraise the entirety of their trip. With over 25 years of experience working with Schools from all demographics, KSA Events has compiled best practices in order to assist you in making this trip a reality.
Whether it is through a fundraising powerpoint or in our KSA Events Fundraising Handbook, we have the resources needed to help you.

  • Share your story though or accounts which allow you to virtually monitor fundraising goals
  • Setup individual student accounts
  • Allows your group and performers to divide and conquer your goals
  • Capture commitment from all of your performerss at the first meeting with our Fundraising Commitment Sheet

KSA Events Fundraising Handbook

Fundraising Commitment Sheet