Take Your Team

On The Road

KSA Events (Kaylee Scholarship Association) is the largest High School sporting events company in the nation. We proudly host KSA Events National Tournaments in destination cities such as Anaheim, Orlando, San Juan, Las Vegas, Denver, New York City and Washington DC.

Participating teams come from across all 50 states providing a true national competition format bringing together athletic teams, school bands, music ensembles, cheerleading teams and dance squads who would never otherwise compete against each other.

Our events are held at the finest professional and amateur athletic venues in the country. The destination cities in which the venues are located allows for teams, coaches and families to have a unique, once in a lifetime experience.

Although we bring together some of the most elite teams in the country, we accept teams of every skill level. Great effort is taken to seed teams into a bracket that will provide an appropriate level of competition that is both fair and challenging to all.