Our Program

As with all KSA Events experiences, participating teams come nationwide from Alaska to Florida and from Massachusetts to California, providing a true national competition format that brings together teams who would otherwise never meet on the field.

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The Experience

KSA Events has been around for 30 years and has made travel arrangements for tens of thousands of teams, coaches and their families. Our packages include everything your team will need. From hotel rooms to theme parks, bus transportation to fun activities, we have you covered. All this planning on our part means that you will finally be able to enjoy a team trip and spend some time with your family.

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Upcoming Events

Baseball Spring Training - Orlando, Florida

March 1st - April 25, 2022

KSA Events is proud to host the Sun'Sational Baseball Spring Training and Tournament in Orlando, Florida. KSA is partnering with Universal Studios and the competition is being held at the Bear Creek and South Orange Baseball Complexes.

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Dates: March 1 - October 15th
Eligibility: All High School Teams
Competition Level: Rebuilding to Elite

This flexible program allows you to enjoy the benifits of team travel. You can use this trip to finish up your pre-season preparations on the practice field, in the batting tunnel or in as many scrimmage games as you choose.

  • Team Scrimmages
  • Individual Games
  • Tournament Format Available
  • Practices
  • Batting Tunnels


KSA Events was put together by coaches and athletic directors. We have organized our tournaments to be coach friendly. Any traveling team can tell you that organizing any group trip can be overwhelming. We set up travel packages so you can concentrate on coaching. We handle all arrangements for your team, coaches and families.


KSA sporting events are unique. They are competed at high end professional and amateur athletic venues across the country. We accept teams of all skill levels and give equal opportunity to all student-athletes. Our competitions seed teams into a bracket that will provide an appropriate skill level of competition.


KSA Events was founded as a non-profit to promote the educational aspects of athletic participation. Our priority is to teach students about commitment, goal setting, teamwork, bonding, travel and competition to inspire continuing education.

We offer an opportunity for young players to grow as individuals. Our hope is to reward hard work and bring excitement to high school athletic programs.



Build tighter bonds with your teammates through competition


Travel to destination cities all across the United States

Theme Parks

Have fun with your coaches, teammates and family at theme parks


Experience the local culture of these cities and taste the local cuisines

Team Travel and Fundraising

For all information regarding team travel and fundraising, click the link below. We will help guide you through all the necessary steps to make this easy for your team, coaches, friends and family to be involved. Also provided is information on how your school can raise the funds to make this once in a lifetime experience come true.

How To

GoFundMe and Hudl