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2024 Events

Football Game of the Week & Kickoff Classic


KSA Events is proud to present the 2024 Football Game of the Week & Kickoff Classic from Honolulu, New York and Orlando.

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KSA Events is proud to host the KSA Events Football Series in many great destinations. As with all KSA Events competitions, participating teams come nationwide from Alaska to Florida and from Massachusetts to California, providing a true national competition format that brings together teams who would otherwise never meet on the field.
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Competition Format

All KSA Events Football Series match-ups are chosen carefully based upon the competitive level and size of the schools involved. This provides a game that is both challenging and competitive to your players.

Potential match-ups are presented to schools and then the coaching staff has an opportunity to research the team and make sure they agree with our suggestion, prior to finalizing the match-up. This allows teams to participate in a KSA Event and still maintain control over their season.

Junior Varsity

In all events, Junior Varsity competition is typically available to all teams interested. This allows your entire program to experience the team bonding aspects of our events without the concern that younger players will miss out on game experience. JV game quantities vary with participating team interest.


All KSA Events are officially sanctioned by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS). Therefore, all participating team members must be in good standing of their State High School Athletic Association.

KSA holds a seperate tournament, if necessary, for any private, parochial or other schools that are not members of a NFHS member association. This allows all schools to meet appropriate sanctioning requirements regardless of their affiliation.

Football Venue

The KSA Events Football Series takes place in multiple destinations from Orlando to Denver, from Philadelphia to Hawaii. We partner with NFL Stadiums, College Stadiums and some of the premier amateur facilities across the nation.

Team Travel and Fundraising

For all information regarding team travel and fundraising, click the link below. We will help guide you through all the necessary steps to make this easy for your team, coaches, friends and family to be involved. Also provided is information on how your school can raise the funds to make this once in a lifetime experience come true.

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