Let’s hear it for the fans! Why parents are part of the team

Welcome back, sports fans! School is back in session and we want to send a shout out to some of our favorite people. You know, those amazing folks who make the lunches, pay for the gear, chauffeur their athletes and pack the stands. PARENTS! We couldn’t love parents more – and we know that all of you coaches and athletic directors do too. 

Why parents matter so much

Let’s start with the obvious – there are great parents behind every great athlete on your team. They were pouring into your students’ athletic dreams far longer than those kids have been on your roster. Parents have been there for every practice, game, injury, setback and victory, teaching your athletes the life lessons they need to function as teammates (and humans, really). They’re an irreplaceable part of your team and can help you grow your program in ways you may not have considered. 

Give them a spot on the team

Parents are the folks showing up for your team day after day, cheering on your team and oftentimes asking how they can be helpful. They know they only have four more years with their student athletes before they leave the nest, so they may be looking for meaningful ways to be involved to make the most of this precious time. Giving these incredible humans a spot on your team honors their role in their students’ lives and can help your program succeed – win win. 

Parent-powered fundraising

The parents on your team want the best for both their kids and your entire program, so they’re natural leaders for your fundraising efforts. We’ve helped hundreds of schools develop lasting fundraising programs that get great results. What did they all have in common? Engaged parents who helped launch and lead fundraisers. We share some of our best tips and suggestions for creating a fundraising program here – and, spoiler alert, parents are front and center.

As parents of student athletes ourselves, we know what it means to feel valued by our kids’ coaches and love opportunities to serve the team. For more information about how you can work alongside parents to make travel competition a reality for your team, reach out today!