Logistics handled: Traveling with athletes

Happy New Year, sports fans! We’re thrilled that 2022 is finally here because we  have BIG plans for student athletes this year. Awesome tournaments, amazing  destinations, life-changing team time – you name it, 2022’s got it. If you’ve never  traveled with your students before, you may be curious, excited, overwhelmed or  any combination of those feelings. But here’s the deal – traveling with athletes  doesn’t have to be complicated to be awesome. Let’s talk logistics! 

Travel makes the difference 

First things first – it’s important to understand WHY you’re traveling to begin with,  and every team has their own reasons. We believe that competition travel  changes everything because we’ve seen firsthand how players, teams and  programs grow when they compete outside of the school district they’ve always  known. Players grow in maturity, teams create stronger bonds and programs  grow deeper roots that last for years to come. Once you understand how travel  can affect your players, how could you NOT want to hit the road? 

Getting out there 

You know you want to travel, but where do you start? Selecting the right  destination and the right tournament are one thing – but there’s transportation,  accommodations, fundraising and a dozen other logistics to think through. That’s  why it’s critical to work with a company you can trust with all of those details, so  you can focus on preparing your students for the field (or court! or the mat!). We  take all the guesswork out of traveling with your athletes, including creating  balanced brackets for every tournament to ensure that every team has a fair shot  at victory.  

Seamless planning, endless FUN 

As the only multi-sport operator in the country, we have the privilege of serving  entire athletic programs, not just individual teams. This allows us to streamline  the planning process and build lasting relationships with the schools we work  with. We’re also one of the few travel planners that handle travel,  accommodations, tickets for attractions and on-site concierge service for every  event. We manage even the smallest details so our coaches, players, parents  and fans can focus on the fun, not the logistics. 

Ready to hit the road with your student athletes? We’d love to connect, learn  more about your program and share all the possibilities for your team. Reach out  today!