How To Get Approval

Can you believe we’re nearing the end of 2022?

It’s been an incredible year, especially for our team here at KSA. We’ve hosted 20 weeks of events, taken 465 teams on the road and celebrated over 12,000 athletes with more than 4,000 parents and fans!

When teams are ready to travel with us, one of the first things they need to do is get approval for the trip; so we walk them through how that process typically works. Today, we’ll do the same for you!

Step 1: Discuss with your Athletic Director

First things first. We suggest that our Coaches discuss travel with their Athletic Directors to see if they have availability in their schedule. Once your Athletic Director has reviewed the program’s schedule and approves the possibility of travel for your team, you’re ready to move forward.

While you’re moving forward with approvals, we’ll be working with your state’s athletic association as well as the National Federation of High School Athletic Association to make sure your event and participation follow state and national guidelines.

Step 2: Talk with your Principal

You’ll need to connect with Your Principal next and should find out whether he or she has approved team travel in the past. Having previously approved team trips to reference will be helpful, potentially reducing the number of steps needed to get on the road.

Step 3: Connect with Key Parents

Once Your Principal approves, it’s time to talk to a few key parents to gauge their interest in a team trip. We suggest gathering a few dedicated parents and boosters for a meeting to discuss their interest and support, as you’ll want to ensure you have it prior to presenting the idea to your School Board.

Step 4: Present to your School Board

You’ve got approval from your Athletic Director and Principal and support from key parents – now you’re ready to go to your School Board. Here are a few important items to consider:

  • Work to get on the School Board’s agenda early, as getting on their schedule could take a month or two, depending on how often the Board meets.
  • Find out what your School Board requires to have in place before the meeting – most have a procedure you’ll need to follow. You may be requested to provide:
  • Our KSA Proposal with a sample itinerary, the name of the hotel and the price per student
    • Insurance in place for vendors
    • Cancellation policies
    • Information about how payments are made
    • A copy of the Travel Agreement
    • A W9 from KSA

We help our clients collect everything they need for a successful School Board meeting so they feel organized and prepared.

If you’re ready to travel with your team, we’d love to talk you through our planning process and explore the best tournaments for your athletes. Let’s connect today!