Trip Payments Made Easy

Trip Payments Made Easy

It’s finally happening! You’re traveling with your team to one of our action-packed KSA tournaments and we couldn’t be more excited to host you! In our thirty years of working with athletic programs, we’ve learned endless ways to anticipate our clients’ needs and equip them with answers to their questions. One of the most common kinds of questions we receive are about trip payment.

How does it work?

Who handles the payments?

Is it complicated?

Do I have to handle the money?

So today, we’re going share that information with all of you!

Our Payment Solutions

In everything we do, it’s our goal to make the planning process seamless for the coaches and athletic directors we work with. Trip payment is no exception, so we offer two solutions to choose from that meet every school’s needs: Individual Billing and Team Billing.

Individual Billing

Our payment system allows each player to register, set up payments and pay with a combination of fundraising and direct payments. When parents use our system, we can collect all the legal names, birthdates, the waiver forms and collect deposits right at registration.

  • Parents love the ability to pay along the way in installments and appreciate the convenience of checking their own statement and making payments whenever it works for them. Just like they manage the rest of their life. 
  • Coaches likethe way they can focus on getting players prepared and motivated to compete, instead of juggling trip funds and bugging parents for payments.
  • Booster Treasurers appreciatethe simple reports we send to them so they see which players are up to date with their payments and who has payments outstanding – they’re off the hook to communicate balance details to parents, since parents track their balances themselves. The system also makes fundraising a snap, since money raised can easily be credited to whoever participated in the fundraiser.

Team Billing

If teams prefer to pay for their trip all at once, in one payment, that option is available too! Coaches are responsible for collecting all the payments for the team and submit everything together. This option can be a bit more work for coaches, but some schools prefer to manage registration and payment this way. If your team will be fundraising 100% of the costs of your trip, or you’re planning a trip and haven’t met all your athletes yet, this option makes the most sense.

Keeping It Simple

So often the programs we work with have traveled with their teams in the past, managing trip details and finances on their own, so they assume the payment process with be complicated, mean tedious extra work or require awkward follow-up with parents and players – but that’s just not the case with KSA. Regardless of the option you choose, our system is designed to make payments simple and easy to track.

Coaches and boosters receive weekly reports, so you’ll always have the latest information on where payments stand with your team. We also collect all waivers at the beginning of the planning process, so you don’t have to.

What’s Next? Once you’ve booked your tournament experience and choose the payment option that works for you and your program, it’s time to think through fundraising. Our Fundraising Game Plan has all the information you need to establish a winning strategy for your team to raise money, bond together and make the experience affordable for everyone. Have questions? Whether you want to know more about paying for your trip, fundraising OR have been dreaming of traveling with your student athletes but haven’t quite crossed the finish line, we’re happy to help. Reach out today and we’ll show you all the possibilities for you and your team.