Our KSA Events Scholarship Program

As athletic event planners and parents of athletes ourselves, we understand how hard student athletes work to balance their academic and athletic responsibilities. Our athletes are students first – they work diligently to prioritize their classwork and educational goals and still manage to give their all in the sports they love.

We want to honor and encourage student athletes as they continue their education – that’s why created our KSA Events Scholarship Program. We promote education through athletics on three levels:

  1. Participating in high school athletics allows athletes to grow through teamwork, goal setting and sportsmanship.
  • Participating in athletic travel gives student athletes the opportunity to grow through travel to new places, exposure to a broader field of competition and introduces them to world-class facilities.
  • Continuing education through the award of college scholarships promotes off the court success in all realms of personal development.

Our KSA Events Scholarship is intended to reward and bring recognition to those students who have chosen to expand their high school education by participating in athletics. It is further intended to reward and promote the continuing of education beyond the high school level and is a direct extension of KSA’s belief that athletic participation furthers the educational process.

One KSA Events Scholarship is awarded to each high school that participates in a KSA Sponsored Event. Here are the details:

  • In May of each year, all participating Coaches will receive an email with the opportunity to nominate one senior from their teams to receive a $250 KSA Events book scholarship.
  • Each school’s scholarship award winner is chosen at the discretion of the school Principal and/or Athletic Director and/or Coach. The selection criteria are up to each participating school – our only requirement is that the recipient needs to be a graduating senior. Nominations are due by June 15th.
  • Each recipient athlete will receive a $250 scholarship that will be paid directly to the bursar of the college to which the student is attending following high school graduation.
  • Additionally, each scholarship recipient will have the opportunity to complete an essay prompt by July 1st to be considered for our KSA Events National Scholarship Award.
  • One senior athlete from each KSA Events-hosted sport will receive between a $5,000-$10,000 scholarship.

We’re proud to serve so many schools around the country and appreciate the work and encouragement that Athletic Directors and Coaches pour into their teams. It’s our honor to reward their student athletes through our scholarship program. For more information about our KSA Events Scholarship or to discover our upcoming calendar of KSA Events across the country, please reach out today!