Top 10 Reasons to Travel with Team and KSA

Here at KSA, we’re full speed ahead with our 2023 tournaments, with big plans for this year and beyond. It’s going to be awesome J

If you’re new to our blog and our KSA story, we’re so proud of our work and would love to share a little bit about who we are and what we do – and most importantly, why you should choose to take your team on the road with us.

  1. Memories that last a lifetime

We plan tournaments, events and experiences that your players will remember for the rest of their lives. Student athletes have four years of high school and every moment of that short time is special. Athletes never forget the experience of traveling with their teams – and neither do their parents.

  • A competition level for every team

We offer a competition level for every team – whether you’re starting a new program, looking to grow or competing at the state championship level. We work to find the level of competition that’s right for your team’s needs.

  • Build athletes, teams and programs

Competing on the road grows students as both athletes and young adults, expanding their skills and deepening their relationships. When your students grow, your team and program grow too, building stability for your athletic program that lasts for years to come.

  • Raise money for your program 

When you fundraise for competition travel, it gives your program experience in fundraising that you can apply to future events, initiatives and activities. We equip our clients with everything they need to fundraise simply and effectively, so everyone can get involved.

  • We’re a family company

For over 30 years, our family has been operating KSA Events – and for 10 of those years, we’ve been traveling with our own student athletes, so we know how important seamless travel planning is for teams, families and fans.

  • Travel with your team’s fans

Fans are the best, aren’t they? Parents and boosters make youth sports happen, so we work to honor their commitment by creating awesome fan packages so they can travel too.

  • Our bracketing process

We ensure that every KSA tournament is fairly bracketed, so every athlete has a level playing field to compete on. We work closely with our schools and teams to make sure every team has a fair shot at victory.

  • A full-service experience

We handle every detail, from transportation and accommodations to activities and events, so you and your team can focus on the competition itself.

  • Simple payment options

Paying for your trip should be simple, so we offer several payment options that meet every school’s needs.

  1. We’re sanctioned by NFHS

Our competitions are sanctioned by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), giving athletes opportunities to compete beyond their districts while maintaining their state playoff eligibility. 

It’s going to be an incredible year for our team at KSA and the teams we’re taking on the road. If you’re ready to learn more about competition travel, we’d love to connect with you. Reach out today!