Terms & Conditions

KSA Events as the principal is responsible to you for arranging and providing the services offered on this website.  In the absence of their own negligence, neither KSA Events nor its employees are responsible for personal injury or property damage caused by other suppliers or any other service being offered in connection with these arrangements.

Deposit A deposit for each traveling passenger must be received at time of booking or the reservation will be automatically cancelled within 24 hours.

Payment Options KSA Events will accept payments via check, ACH, Wire Transfers, Credit Cards and Debit Cards.  To change the payment method on file contact KSA Events at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled payment.

Payment Terms By depositing on the account, you agree to the payment schedule and terms.  Please note the charge may show as “KSA Events” or “Kaylee Enterprises”

  • Athletes will be automatically charged according to the payment schedule outlined on your invoice. If you are fundraising, all funds must be sent in by the Booster or Coach prior to the scheduled payment date.  Otherwise, the payment method on file will be charged, and any money received will be applied to the following payment date. If your fundraising money does not cover the full payment due, your payment method on file will be charged the difference between your payment and the fundraising funds that were sent it.
  • Fans will be automatically charged according to the payment schedule outlined on your invoice.
  • All accounts must be paid in full 60 days prior to the date of arrival. Any accounts carrying a balance after that date will be charged a $100, per person, penalty.
  • If payment is not received 45 days prior to the date of arrival, the payment method on file will be automatically charged the remaining balance. If the charge is unsuccessful or there is no payment information on file, the trip will be cancelled, and all monies paid will be forfeited.
  • Client will be responsible for all NSF and Chargeback fees. Any chargebacks initiated will incur a $50 processing fee.
  • If you report a chargeback, you will be responsible for immediately paying the payment due in addition to any fees associated with the chargeback. If payment is not received within 24 hours of notification, the trip will be cancelled, and all monies paid will be forfeited. KSA Events reserves the right to require immediate in full payment of package in addition to all chargeback fees after a chargeback has been resolved. Any Chargebacks issue will deem RGP Void and client will forfeit their funds.
  • Filing any chargeback after cancelling your account in effort to recover any monies not entitled to refund, you will forfeit any monies paid to date and incur a $50 fee per transaction.
  • All prices are in US dollars and are subject to change until package is paid in full. After package is paid in full, package price is subject to change due to imposition of taxes or other charges of government authorities, weather, or any other reason KSA Events deems necessary.
  • All credit card payments will incur a 1.5% credit card convenience fee. Checks may be mailed to avoid this fee but must still be recieved prior to your scheduled payment date.

Late Payments If you fail to pay us any amount based on your payment schedule when due, without a prior written adjustment to your schedule, you will be responsible for a late payment fee of $25 per installment, per person. A $100 per person late fee will be assessed after your scheduled Final Payment date. 

Air Transportation: Flight schedules are not guaranteed.  KSA Events shall not be responsible for any airline schedule changes, delays, cancellations, or any airlines’ failure to perform for any reason including, but not limited to, strike, bankruptcy or cessation. By Accepting KSA Events Airfare, you agree to fly on a designated Group Flight Schedule arranged by your trip organizer. Airlines have varying policies for group reservations which must be adhered to. Review the cancellation terms and conditions for specific airline penalties.

Refund Guarantee Protection (RGP) Refund Guarantee Protection (RGP) is available at an additional cost of 10% of the cost of your land package (for example, if the cost of the land package not including airfare, service fees, etc. is

$999.00, the cost of RGP would be $99.00.)

  • Should a passenger need to cancel their reservation for any reason up to 120 hours prior to departure,

RGP ensures a full refund of all monies paid less the cost of this option, airfare, and any NSF, Late or Chargeback Fees.  The cost of RGP will be deducted from your first deposit.  RGP must be a unanimous decision by each passenger occupying the room.  RGP needs to be declined or accepted during the initial registration.  There will be no addition or removal of RGP after the initial registration, unless deemed necessary by KSA Events.

  • The charge for RGP will be deducted from your first deposit, is non-refundable and shall only be considered fully paid for when final payment has been made. Once you have made final payment, the following clause will replace the standard cancellation policy as listed below. RGP is not considered insurance and Travel Insurance should be purchased separately to protect other funds.
  • Should SCHOOL or any individual need to cancel for any reason up to 120 hours prior to departure, your RGP guarantees a full refund of all monies paid for the travel package, as described in “Component Agreement”, less the cost RGP any non-sufficient fund fees, late fees, airline costs or chargeback fees. Additionally, RGP does not cover airfare, and therefore the costs of same are not subject to reimbursement.
  • It is hereby agreed that in the event of any cancellation by individual or School pursuant to the terms hereof, KSA shall refund monies conveyed by individual in accordance with terms set for in the Standard Cancellation or Refund Guarantee Protection sections of this Agreement. While there is no definitive timeline for when funds will be returned due to volume of cancellations, refunds will be processed in the order they are received.

Cancellation If you must cancel your reservation, please be aware of the following penalties enforced by our suppliers to which we must adhere. Cancellations will be processed only upon receipt of the signed Cancellation Agreement. All reservations will remain active, an no refund issued until this form is signed and returned. Note the date the form is signed is the official cancellation date.

Airline Cancellation:

  • $100 airfare penalty is imposed at the time of booking.
  • 60 Days prior to travel airfare is under full penalty.
  • To avoid any cancellation penalties, you may be able to transfer your reservation in full to another person that does not have an active reservation. From the date the reservation is made to 60 days prior to the date of arrival there is no fee to change names.  Changes made within 59 days prior to arrival are dependent upon the individual carrier. KSA Events will determine if your account is eligible for this based on their agreement(s) with the airline carrier

Land Cancellation:

  • Executed Date to 5:00 PM on the Third Day is fully refundable
  • 0 - 180 or more prior to arrival: $400 per person
  • 179- 150 days prior to arrival: Deposit of $400 plus $200 per person
  • 149 – 120 days prior to arrival: Deposit of $400 plus $300 per person
  • 119 – 91 days prior to arrival: Deposit of $400 plus $400 per person
  • 60 – 0 days prior to arrival: Full penalty of all deposits and payments.
  • Land portions of the reservation cannot be canceled without also canceling the air portion of the reservation

Refunds If you have purchased RGP, refunds will be issued as soon as possible however KSA Events will refund in the order in which cancellations are received.   If you have not purchased RGP, refunds will be issued after the trip has been completed by the team.  Any out of pocket overpayments will be returned after the trip has been completed if applicable less credit card processing fees, late fees or NSF fees.

  • No refunds will be made for early departures or for any unused portion of your package, including but not limited to, attraction admissions, options or features, or meals.

Governing Law All sales of travel packages take place in the State of Florida.  Any claim, action or lawsuit arising out of the terms and conditions, travel agreement reservations and bookings, and / or all accommodations, products and services provided in connection with the reservation and bookings must be filed and maintained exclusively in any court in Orange County, Florida having subject matter jurisdiction.

Other Provisions KSA Events reserves the right to cancel a reservation, at any time by providing written notice to you.  All prices, package inclusions & options are subject to availability and to change without advance notice.

Additional Terms and Conditions

You understand that booking this reservation, while considered an individual reservation, are part of a group and KSA Events will in most cases purchase components for the group as a while.

The parties understand that KSA Events, to fulfill its obligations to Individual and arrange for the services and tour package components set forth in travel agreement for School or on reservation page of our website, will be negotiating with and acquiring the services of third parties who will ultimately be providing most of the trip package components; including, but not by way of limitation, lodging accommodations, meals, competition facilities and transportation. You understand and agree that KSA Events shall not be responsible for any damages or delays which are outside of its control. Additionally, you agree that in the absence of negligence or willful conduct by KSA Events, KSA Events shall not be liable to you or any of the tour participants for damages or injury to person or to property resulting from the negligence or willful conduct of any third parties providing services or components of the tour package.

Notwithstanding the foregoing; KSA Events will use its best efforts and its experience in arranging tour packages of this type to cause the above services and tour package components to be provided timely, safely and efficiently and will inform individual promptly of the status of the arrangements made for the components of the tour package to be provided pursuant to this Agreement as well as any changes thereto, including but not by way of limitation, the identity of the service providers.  KSA Events shall maintain such contact with such providers engaged by KSA, as is reasonably appropriate to confirm that the services promised thereby will be provided in a timely manner.  KSA Events will communicate promptly with appropriate representatives reservation as to any unexpected delays or other problems affecting or potentially affecting the provision of services and tour package components set forth above, and work diligently therewith in an effort to minimize any such delay or attempt to resolve any such problem.

All reservations are subject to rate increases based upon supplier increases including but not limited to fuel rates, hotel rates, ticket media rates, etc.

In the event that KSA Events, for any reason other than those set forth in above and by reason of any adjudicated breach of this Agreement, fails to perform this Agreement in accordance with its terms, then KSA Events shall only be liable to individual for the sum equal to the actual replacement cost of those tour components not provided by KSA Events, less any refund actually received by individual or School. Moreover, you understand and agree that you are in contractual privity with KSA Events, and that  KSA Events does not have any legal or contractual obligation to any tour participant, administrator, coach, cheerleader, parent or chaperone individually by virtue of this Agreement. Accordingly, you agree to defend and hold harmless KSA Events with respect to any claim for relief brought by any tour participant, administrator, coach, cheerleader, parent or chaperone who seeks reimbursement of money each may have conveyed in relation to the subject trip, to include but not be limited to any attempts of credit card chargebacks by such individuals.

In recognition of the fact that KSA Events has accepted certain responsibilities hereunder to provide services to an entire group, KSA. Events reserves the right to deny participation of the tour to any particular participant in its sole discretion, such discretion not to be unreasonably applied.

SCHOOL will use its best efforts to inform all tour participants of the terms and conditions of this Agreement as may affect their understanding of the actual scope of the tour package components to be provided, and the limitations of liability relating thereto.

Each payment on the reservation warrants and represents that he or she has actual authority to enter into this Agreement on behalf of the respective parties.

In the event that any provision of this Agreement is determined to be illegal and unenforceable under applicable law, the remaining provisions of the Agreement shall remain in force and effect so as to effectuate the intention of the parties as manifested by the written terms of this Agreement.

As it is the parties’ intention to work closely together to accommodate each other’s interest, no failure of either party to assert immediately or promptly any of its rights under this Agreement shall be deemed a waiver of rights, unless demonstrable and material prejudice results from such delay.  However, the foregoing shall not affect the specific deadlines for performance by either party as set forth above.

It is hereby agreed that KSA Events shall not be liable for any failure or delay in performing an obligation under this Agreement that is due to any of the following causes, to the extent beyond its reasonable control:

acts of God, riots, war, terrorist act, epidemic, pandemic, quarantine, civil commotion or unrest, natural catastrophes, governmental acts, strikes affecting travel or lodging. In the event of such Force Majeure scenario, it is agreed that KSA Events obligations shall be tolled until such time as the Force Majeure scenario has sufficiently subsided. Should same not occur for a period exceeding 360 days, Individuals and School shall have the option to either rollover their trip to the year and applicable tournament to take place the year following the resolution or dissipation of the Force Majeure scenario, or can elect a cancellation refund in accordance with terms set for in the Standard cancellation or Refund Guarantee Protection sections of this Agreement, as applicable, within on (1) year from the date of such cancellation.

In the event formal notice is to be sent by either party to the other so as to affect the parties’ rights under this

Agreement; such notice shall be deemed effective as against KSA Events when received at the address of KSA Events set forth at page 1 above, or when received by email transmission at info@ksaevents.net, or at such other address as KSA Events may hereafter designate in writing.  Also, such notice shall be deemed effective as against SCHOOL when received at the address of SCHOOL set forth at page 1 above, or when received by mail or any other method as SCHOOL may hereafter designate in writing.

No legal action may be taken by one party hereto against the other unless written notice has been given to the other, specifying the nature of the dispute and having given the party receiving such notice of breach 30 days in which to cure such breach and comply with its respective obligations under the terms of this agreement. In the event such breach is not cured, action may be maintained only in Orange County, Florida. Florida law shall govern the interpretation and enforcement of the terms of this Agreement.