Competition travel changes everything.

Hey KSA Fans! 

We’re happy you’re here! We’re thrilled to officially launch our new blog – your go-to resource for everything you need to know about competition travel for high school athletes. Since 1991, we’ve been hosting incredible high school sporting events across America and we’re excited to share all that we’ve learned.

Today, we’ll be kicking things off with one of the biggest lessons we’ve learned in our thirty years of working with high school athletes: competition travel changes everything – your players, your team, your program, everything. Here’s how:

Your Players

Whether you’re an athletic director, coach or parent, you’ve seen firsthand how beneficial participating in high school athletics is for students. Stronger self-confidence, more empathy, better relationships, and lifelong fitness habits – these are just a few of the more obvious benefits studies have noted. When student athletes leave home to compete outside of their school district, those benefits become even more evident. Student athletes grow in maturity, as they meet new people and experience new places. Their relationships with teammates deepen. Their horizons expand as they see new parts of the country. All while making memories that last a lifetime, alongside their parents and fans. Simply put, student athletes come home changed in ways that benefit them for life. 

Your Team

Nothing beats competition travel for team building. Something magic happens when athletes travel together, room together, workout together, hangout together – and that’s before they even compete together. These shared experiences forge stronger relationships between athletes, creating stronger team unity and better chemistry that can take your team farther than they’ve ever been before. It doesn’t matter which sport you coach (or cheer for!), every group of student athletes that participates in a KSA event leaves stronger because of the experience. 

Your Program

Competition travel may impact your program most of all – lasting well beyond the travel experience itself. Closer teams inspire a winning culture within programs, motivating underclassmen to join teams and remain committed throughout their own high school years. Great fundraising habits are often inspired by competition travel as well. We’re constantly introducing new clients to simple and successful fundraising strategies that can be used year after year after year, creating solid, well-funded programs that build strong teams. These strong teams go on to participate in our NFHS-sanctioned events, which propels many of them to state playoffs and beyond. But our events aren’t just for elite level teams; we work with teams at every skill level, seeding teams into brackets that provide an appropriate level of competition that is both fair and challenging to every athlete. Regardless of your team’s skill level, competing at a national level has a profound impact on your program that continues long after the season has ended.
It’s been our family’s privilege to watch players, teams and programs grow in profound ways through competition travel over the years. As the uncertainty of the last year begins to fade, we’re busier than ever, booking teams from coast to coast for our KSA Events in cities across the country. If your team is ready to compete on the road, don’t wait! Learn more about the possibilities for your team on our website or request information here.